Understanding The Taleban History Is Crucial In Understanding Their Future

The history of the Taliban is crucial in understanding their rise to power today and why they are now fighting in Helmand and other provinces in Afghanistan. What many people do not know is that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there was a meeting of the world’s biggest human rights leaders in Brussels, where a decision was reached to set up the International Terrorist Organization or al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is considered to be a global terrorist organization today because of its alliance with international terrorists. Al Qaeda has cells in dozens of countries and is said to be the wealthiest terrorist group in the world.

What happened next is still somewhat unclear. Many have speculated that the international terrorists were used by the Taliban to recruit and arm the mujahedeen. The mujahedeen are the “good” fighters of Islam who fight against the evil kuffar [non-believers] and defend the innocent from their oppression. However, if this was the case, the Taliban would have been fighting a losing battle as the enemy had weapons and finances that could not be afforded by the corruptible mullahs. Therefore, if this was the case, the current failure of the Taliban to defeat the Americans and their allies is not due to any flaws in the mujahedeen, but rather it is due to the corruption within the Taliban itself.

Another possibility is that the international terrorists became enemies of the United States and joined the ranks of the mujahedeen. This scenario is also similar to the events of the Soviet Union and Germany before and during World War II. The international terrorists have once again proved their ability to defeat the will of the nation-state. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to predict that the future success of the Taliban and the rise of Islamist mujahedeen might happen next.

A third possibility is that the collapse of the Russian Army in Afghanistan and the Allied withdrawal will lead to a negotiated settlement. International terrorists may well come back in order to carry out terrorist acts in different parts of the world. A fourth possibility is that the Taliban and the resistance movement that they control will start negotiations with the United States. This could possibly result in an all-out war between the two forces. However, it is not realistic to expect such a thing because international terrorists still have weapons of mass destruction and would obviously not surrender without a fight.

Now that we have reviewed the history of the Taliban, what can we say about their future? The record shows that the Taleban have remained largely in control of the areas they have governed during the past six years. They have reneged on some of their promises, such as those made to the political leadership of Pakistan. Furthermore, they have made certain that those who they have allowed to get away have done so on their own terms.

The future of the Taleban is not looking particularly good. The group may negotiate for peace but they are not likely to win. They may try to form an alliance with either Pakistan or the United States to conduct attacks against the Northern Alliance. However, there is little that any of these parties can do if the Taleban becomes more involved in the fight against International Terrorist organizations. What needs to be done first and foremost, is for the international community to put more pressure on the Taleban leadership so that they reconsider their behavior.

The second option is for the United States and its allies to attack the Taleban wherever they can. The Taleban is considered to be a supporter of International Terrorism. Any action which targets the Taleban can only be considered to be a victory for International Terrorists. Although the United States is not prepared to do such a thing at this time, the history of the Taliban is a good indicator of how one goes about fighting such groups.

The third option is to allow the Taleban to defeat itself. Although this would probably bring the most benefit to the Northern Alliance, it also would mean allowing International Terrorists to free reign in Afghanistan. What needs to be understood is that the Taleban can only grow in strength if the outside world keeps supporting them. If the outside world fails to do so, then the history of the Taliban is surely going to continue.

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